Get Connected!


Our Mission

In Pottstown…
we are committed to a culture of safety,
understanding and responsiveness to ACEs
for children, families, and our community.


In Pottstown…
ACEs matter.

Understanding the dynamic relationship between Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and the physical and behavioral heath of children and adults isn’t enough.  We need to take what has been learned about ACEs over the last 20 years and share that knowledge so we can ALL put it into action.


In Pottstown…
connection matters,
belonging matters,
your story matters.

  • Trauma occurs when a child’s coping abilities are overwhelmed as he experiences and reacts to an adverse event or series of events.
  • ACEs appear in many forms and can affect brain development, behavior, learning and a sense of belonging and safety.
  • If we ignore childhood trauma, this can result in heart disease, diabetes, addiction to drugs and/or alcohol, run-ins with the law, and the continuation of this cycle with their own children.
  • Positive relationships and connection can help children and adults cope with ACEs, heal and thrive.
  • Sharing our stories helps us connect to others as we develop healthy relationships and a network of support.
  • Connection to family, friends and community builds belonging.
  • When we encounter rough times these relationships help us deal with stress and begin the healing process.
  • As we learn more about the impact of ACEs on a child’s brain and emotional development, we are better equipped to create relationships and spaces where all children and adults BELONG and resilience is fostered.
  • Belonging allows us to put down roots and blossom while we build a bright future in a strong community.


Our Vision

Together we can…

make Pottstown an even better place to form strong connections, experience belonging, put down roots, and blossom.

recognize, respond to and reduce the struggles that kids and adults face every day. That’s what the Pottstown Trauma Informed Community Connection is all about!

Join Us!


“That’s how healing works. That’s how overcoming works.  Overcoming adverse childhood experiences, moving on from your experiences and developing into a healthier member of our society is not the work of professionals. It’s the work of communities.”

Dr. Andrew Trentacoste, Clinical Director & CEO, Creative Health Services, Inc.