In Pottstown…

connection matters,
belonging matters,
your story matters.

In Pottstown…

ACE’s matter.

In Pottstown…

we are committed to a culture of safety, understanding, and responsiveness to ACE’s for children, families, and our community.

Connection Matters

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Connection to family, friends and community builds belonging.

Belonging allows us to put down roots and blossom while we build a bright future in a strong community.

Sharing our stories helps us connect to others as we develop healthy relationships and a network of support. When we encounter rough times these relationships help us deal with stress and begin the healing process.

Trauma, toxic stress, or Adverse Childhood Experiences/ACEs can interfere with brain development, managing emotions, and a sense of belonging and safety. If we ignore it, a child who experiences trauma develops into an adult who is more likely to to suffer from heart disease, diabetes, become addicted to drugs or alcohol, have run-ins with the law, and continue the cycle with their own children. Positive relationships and connection can help children and adults cope with ACEs and thrive.

Together we can…

  • make Pottstown an even better place to form strong connections, experience belonging, put down roots and blossom.
  • recognize, respond to and reduce the struggles that kids and adults face every day. That’s what the Pottstown Trauma Informed Community Connection is all about! Join Us!